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Care Guide

Every Parker pen improves over time, obtaining that desirable patina that only comes with years of cherished use. But like a jewel out of its case, your Parker pen deserves a little attention to help it shine and extend its long life. Discover our tips.
Read on for advice adapted to your writing choice.

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10 golden rules to use and take care of your Parker Pen

10 timeless tips for a long and satisfying life with your Parker Pen.

  • If you would rather not lend your precious fountain pen, always keep a ballpoint in your pocket to help out a borrower.
  • If you don't mind lending your fountain pen, keep the cap. That way it won't "accidentally" walk off with its borrower.
  • If you write with small letters, use a fine nib. For large letters, use a larger nib.
  • If you're bothered by a scratchy nib, choose a Medium one.
  • Always replace the cap with the nib upward. Like magic, the air pocket will force excess ink back into the pen.

  • If you're going to fly with your fountain pen, keep it either full or empty. At altitude, even a little air could expand and force out some ink.
  • If you're not going to use your pen for a while, keep it empty and clean the nib before storing it. The acids in ink together with oxygen starts oxidation which corrodes your nib if ink is left in the pen.
  • Write with your cap posted. If you accidentally drop your pen, hopefully the heavier end will reach the floor first rather than the nib.
  • Replace the cap when you put your pen down, or keep it posted at all times, to prevent an impetuous roll off the table.
  • Rinse your nib and section at least once a month with cool water until the water runs clear.

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